Holiday home Ardennes not far from Durbuy and La Roche-en-Ardenne...

holiday home ardennes durbuy
Our holiday home in Magoster in the Belgium Ardennes was originally called "Wijd Weg" which means something as "great view". Standing on the balcony you understand why: you can look miles away seeing grasslands, wood and hills. Downhill you can see a small village.
This cottage is surrounded by a large garden, offering two terraces and some toys for children. The region has many World War II-memorials never forgetting what happened long ago.
The location of our holiday home Ardennes is not far from nice little towns as Durbuy and La Roche-en-Ardenne.

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How to book our Ardennes holiday home

You can make your reservation by clicking on "Book" in the Offers-section or clicking a link in the calendar above or on this page. You can also book directly in the booking form.
Please fill in all requested data and check before sending. After sending you will see a "Thank you"-page and find a confirmation mail in your mailbox.

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Ardennes – what you see is what you can expect

Touristic places in vicinity of our cottage

  • Magoster : the house is situated in beautiful environment on the countryside nearby Magoster. This is part of Rendeux and not far away from La Roche-en-Ardenne, Durbuy and Hotton.
  • La Roche-en-Ardenne : a very little town situated where a few valleys meet. La Roche has a cosy shoppingstreet, a swimmingpool and many restaurants. It is famous because of its old citadel which outside walls offer a sinister background for a (free) theatre every summer-evening with lanternslides and music based on the Ghost of Berthe. In the "Rue de la Gare" is the Museum of the Battle of the Bulge.
  • Hotton-sur-Ourthe : this village is known because of it's cave, called Cave-of-Thousand-and-one-Night, deep down in the hill. Hotton lies, seen from La Roche, downstream along the Ourthe. In this river you can swim, or you can canoe or kayak on it. In Hotton are several climbingsites.
  • Durbuy, Barvaux : Durbuy is calling itself the smallest town in the world. It is a cosy and well preserved place, where you can imagine yourself in other ages. Durbuy is about 20 km away. There is the start (or: end) of a beautifull foothpath (lenght 6 km, far away from all traffic) from Durbuy to Barvaux along the river Ourthe.
  • Caves of Han : exceptional caves in Han-sur-Lesse nearby Rochefort. It offers one of the largest caves of Europe. From the center of Han a historic tram can bring you to the entrance of the caves.
  • Ourthe, Samrée : on many places aloung the river you can kayak or canoe. In Samrée (11 km) ski or Nordic ski in wintertimes is possible; also rent of ski.
  • Beffe : rent of mountainbikes by Beffelihills, on about 1500 meters of our house. It is a nice target for a walking because you can eat and drink there something inside the building or outside on a terrace. Internetservices are available too.
  • Rendeux : Manege La Golette offers possibilities for horseriding. Their address is Rue la Golette 15-17, Rendeux-Haut.
  • Wéris : choosen as one of the most beautifull villages of Wallonie. It is also known for its prehistoric dolmens and menhirs.
  • Bikerace Luik-Bastenaken-Luik : usually 2e half of april, and the road Hotton-La Roche is often part of the parcours.
  • Airballoons : end of august a yearly happening in Hotton with lift-off of many airballoons.

Entertainment for you and your children

  • Dochamps : nearby Parc Chlorophylle is situated. This is an interesting parc (with playgarden) where children can discover the "world of the forest" in various ways.
  • Ourthe : for elder children go by kayak on the kind river is of course a 'must'.
  • Erezée : here you can find a nice ancient steamtrain and make a travel in the beautifull nature whilst seeing many times the little river Aisne. In Erezée you can also find a small museum showing ancient farmerlife: La Vile Grègne.
  • Wéris : prehistoric dolmens and menhirs.
  • Barvaux : the Labyrinthus, a maze with a search for a treasure. The theme is piracy. It suits especially for children from 3 til 12.
  • Hotton : children playgarden on an little island in the Ourthe; also waterbikes.
  • Transinne : there you will find Euro Space Center Belgium. A large exhibition about spacetravelling and research of the space.
  • Coo : nice daytrip: waterfall and cablechairs (also in summer).
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