Check availability in next 12 month

Availability in the next 12 month is shown in the calendar beneath. Move the cursor to an underlined date and a week, weekend or midweek period will show with possibly a last-minute price or special offer. Clicking on it will bring you to the booking page in which few data will then be already prefilled.

You can choose for any week, weekend or midweek but you can alter dates as you like in the booking form. Be aware that we do hardly let weekends and midweeks in high season.
In principle this availability page is updated each day once.

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Special offers

If available, how to book this holiday home...

You can book by clicking on a link in the list with offers or a link (underlined date) in the calendar above. The arrival and departure date are then prefilled. You can also book on this page.
Please fill in all data and check before sending. After sending you will receive a message in your inbox confirming that your booking has been send. We'll try to react within 24 hours on your booking!

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