Rental terms

Rental Terms vacation home Magoster

General Rental Terms

  • usage by maximum of 6 persons, minimal stay is three days, whole weeek = saterday till saterday.
  • check-in at 03.00 p.m., check-out at 10.00 a.m. (or 12.00 a.m. when cleaning is done by renter).
  • discount on rent on two consecutive weeks (2nd week -5%) and three consecutive weeks (2nd week -5%, 3rd week -10%)
  • propanegaz is charged per % usage on meter gastank (minimal usage 1%), electricity per used KwH, water is for free.
  • usage of TV (never to be used in unheated living-room), VCR, radio and other apparatus under reservation of proper operation.
  • the wooden furniture in the garden is available from april till october; the other months plastic furniture is available.
  • no tourist-tax obliged.
  • pets allowed only after consultation.
  • in rare cases some nuisance due to maintenance of the lawn cannot be excluded.
  • renter will take due note of 'directions of use' that will be sent to him together with instructions how to find the housekeeper and chalet, and will enable his company to do the same.
  • in order to promote clean delivery, cleaning has to be done in compliance with instructions sent to renter.
  • the house is not rent out to youthful (= under 21 years) company.

Legal Liability

  • lessor is liable for no other damage then direct damage caused on purpose or by severe guilt.
  • damage or loss to renter or his company will be reported by renter to lessor immediately or at latest at departure. Thereafter no claims are susceptible.
  • renter is liable - and accepts this liability without any exception - for damage made by him or his company to the house and/or furniture; the renter is obliged to report to the housekeeper, at latest at departure.
  • renter declares to have adequately insurance against all legal Liability.
  • in case damage has been caused by the renter the housekeeper will make an estimate of the value of the damage: this estimate is binding. Lessor will refund if the damage turns out to be less then the stoppage paid for by renter. Lessor keeps all rights to claim for additional payments when after the event damage turns out to be more expensive then the stoppage.
  • usage of barbecue, swing, rope-ladder and rope are at one's own risc.

Booking and Payment

  • a booking is to be made by means of the booking-form on this site.
  • payment at choice: a) an advance of 25% of the total rental with a minimum of EUR 80; the remainder to be paid 4 weeks before arrival. b) an advance of 50% of the total rental; the remainder to be paid at arrival to the housekeeper.
  • the advance is to be paid within 7 days after booking. If the advance is not timely received the reservation is subjet to cancellation. All banktransfers have to made without bankcharges receiver.
  • a deposit of EUR is to be payed at arrival to the housekeeper. This deposit will be repaid at departure, unless (partly) in the following cases:
        1.    EUR 80 when (special) doorkeys are lost;
        2.    EUR when the house is not properly cleaned at departure (and cleaning should have been done by the renter);
        3.    costs of repair of damage caused by renter (or his company).
  • no refund will be made on unforseen early departure, irrespective of cause or reason.

Change Policy

  • these terms can be subject to changes without prior notice.
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